2016 Modern Math Workshop

As part of the Mathematical Sciences Collaborative Diversity Initiatives, nine mathematics institutes are putting on their annual SACNAS pre-conference event, the 2016 Modern Math Workshop (MMW). This workshop is intended to encourage minority undergraduates to pursue careers in the mathematical sciences and to assist undergraduates, graduate students and recent PhDs in building their research networks. The Modern Math Workshop is part of the SACNAS National Conference; the workshop and the conference take place in the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA. The MMW starts at 1:00 pm on Wednesday, October 12. Read more…

Diversity at AIM

Broadening participation in the mathematical sciences has been an integral part of AIM’s mission since its founding in 1994. AIM works to ensure inclusion of traditionally under-represented groups such as women, racial/ethnic minorities, persons with disabilities, faculty at schools that emphasize undergraduate education, and junior researchers. We emphasize full inclusion in standard AIM research workshops and SQuaREs, and also undertake special projects that support inclusion of diverse groups of mathematicians and enhance the mathematical workforce. AIM is a member of the Math Institutes Diversity Committee, which is co-chaired by Leslie Hogben, AIM Associate Director for Diversity.


Full Inclusion

AIM uses proven strategies for ensuring inclusion of diverse groups of researchers in AIM workshops and SQuaREs. During the fall when AIM is accepting proposals for workshops and SQuaREs, AIM Directors and members of the AIM Human Resources Board reach out to potential organizers to encourage members of diverse groups to submit proposals. The AIM Scientific Board considers the diversity of the proposed participants and comments from the Human Resources Board in evaluating proposals. Organizers are encouraged to think broadly about participants who might both benefit from and contribute to their workshop; if the organizers request assistance, the AIM Directors and AIM Human Resources Board can suggest such participants.


AIM’s impact on broadening participation goes beyond recruiting diverse participants. Not all types of participation are equally effective, especially for those who are not already well established. AIM has strategies to fully engage all participants in each workshop. As a result, participation in an AIM workshop can be much more stimulating to a participant’s research program that participation in an ordinary week-long conference.

Special Projects

Throughout its history, AIM has also supported a variety of special projects that enhance the mathematical workforce and contribute to the broader impacts of AIM’s work as an institute. These projects include Research Experiences for Undergraduate Faculty (REUF), a program for undergraduate faculty who want to mentor undergraduate students in research, started in 2008 and now a partnership with ICERM; and Math Teachers’ Circle (MTC), a national outreach program connecting K-12 mathematics teachers with research mathematicians, started in 2006.